"We love Amy Rayhorn and Calming Guidance! Thank you for being the answer to my prayers for my VBAC. I couldn't have done it without you. You gave me vital information, and when I needed help with changing positions or breathing, you were the greatest of coaches. We couldn't have been happier or more thankful for your diligence and attention to detail. And, 2 months later, our baby boy is healthy, happy, and always hungry too! We tell everyone how blessed we are, and you are a vital part of our birth experience story for Jonathan. Thank you!!! We love you!"

C. Stager
Tuscaloosa, AL

"I had the wonderful privilege of experiencing my second labor and delivery with Amy Rayhorn.  With my first pregnancy I was induced, however this was the first time that actual labor started at home so I was a bit nervous.  As soon as I called her, I knew things would go smoothly. It was even more reassuring when I got to the hospital and Amy was there waiting with wheelchair in tow, ready to go.  I decided to have a natural delivery for the second time; however, compared to the first, this time was much more relaxing and calming, thanks to Amy.  Throughout the whole experience, she was there to make me feel as comfortable as possible.  She would massage my back, my temples, and wet and re-wet a wash rag for my forehead when I got hot.  With every contraction I had a tendency to curl my toes to the point of cramping.  Amy sat at the foot of the bed massaging my feet and holding pressure to relieve the discomfort.  She even helped to keep my nervous husband calm.   She would check in with the nurses in regards to my progress and always kept me informed.  She even kept a record of my contractions so I could see it later.  Her attention to detail was impressive.  She did this for 6.5 hours! When it came time to push, she was at my side, holding my hand, and encouraging me.  It was a great experience to know that someone was there for ME.  She knew how I wanted my delivery to go and knew how to make it happen. As a woman in labor, we don’t tend to be the most communicative people.  But Amy made sure I understood what I was being asked, and even more so, made sure the nurses and staff knew what I wanted.  She was my advocate. It was a great relief to have her there.  I couldn't imagine going through another delivery without her!"

Leticia R Pagan
Tuscaloosa, AL

“After getting to know Amy in my doula workshop, I am thrilled that she will be assisting women in birth in Tuscaloosa!  Amy brings a sweet, gentle soul with lots of real world experience to her doula work.  She is compassionate and has a heart to serve others.  Amy would be on the top of my list, if I were in search of the perfect doula, and I know the families in her care will be blessed!”

Melissa Harley CD/BDT(DONA), LCCE, DONA International Florida State Rep(SPAR)

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"I am sure it isn't easy to get the husband to write a testimonial regarding the experience of having a doula. It took me three months to remember, have the time, and be in front of my computer. Amy was a vital asset when my wife was getting ready to have our second son. My wife and I tried very hard to bring our first son into the world naturally but unfortunately we needed to endure an emergency C-section. There was so much information that we didn't have, not for lack of reading, and the doctors and nurses were certainly not forthcoming with our options. When we decided to try to have a natural birth with our second son after having the C-section some people, including doctors, thought we were off our rockers. We wanted our best to be better this time. We met Amy at a baby expo here in town and while initially I was a little concerned, my wife liked the idea of a doula very much. I wanted to be the best support for my wife during labor and the delivery, but I was wary of having a third person that we had only recently met being that involved in one of the most personal life experiences. Amy was professional and courteous from the start. She presented options and asked what we would be comfortable with, rather than being overbearing and pushy. When the big day came I had to rush home from work which took time. The contractions progressed very quickly. By the time I got home my wife was having strong contractions, but thankfully Amy had already gotten there and was being very helpful. She was talking my wife through the pressure and keeping our first born occupied. Once we got to the hospital she continued to be assertive without taking over. In the delivery room she was great at taking tasteful pictures without getting in the way of the doctors in-between contractions. In summation, I couldn't have imagined a better experience and my wife delivered a happy, healthy baby without being drugged or put under the knife. I am very thankful to Amy for her help and God for placing her in our path."


J. Stager


Tuscaloosa, AL